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On “The Kiss” of “The Vampire Diaries”: “It was definitely three years for us on the show, but I think our season is about six months each. You figure about a year and a half of them knowing each other. It’s a pretty big build up!——Ian Somerhalder visited ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest‘ (x)

what is this thing going on with julie and boycotting and delena?! I've seen it all over tumblr and i have no clue whats going on!

Bonnie fans are upset with recent Julie Plec & Matt Davis tweets. Just acting like a bunch of babies, thats all! 


47 Days of Delena - Day TenFavorite Nina quote about Delena 

They have an undeniable chemistry and an undeniable je ne sais quoi. There’s something there that neither of them can really put their finger on -well at least Elena can’t. (x)
My Fellow Delena fans

Let’s never stoop to the Bonnie/Bamon fans level, by boycotting TVD because of some comment Julie Plec said. You all remember “Just Because.?” I don’t remember us getting together trying to have all DE fans stop watching TVD because of that one comment.

Whether or not we disagree with JP sometimes, we should always stick up for her! 

Thanks for making this fanbase a perfect atmosphere and not being callous & vile. 

<333 Laynaa

Wow BD/SE fans boycotting TVD because of a comment from Julie Plec & Matt Davis? Don’t you guys realize JP hasn’t just ripped on the Bonnie fans, but she’s done it with all of us Delena, Stelena..etc. We never once tried to boycott the show because of her damage control. 

Stop whining. If you were a true fan, you wouldnt give up on you’re ship.